Big Chunks of Corporate Tax Cuts Ended Up in Executives’ Pockets

Date: Mar 31, 2021, 4:03 PM

Author: Jon Schwartz of The Intercept

Tags: Corporate tax cuts, executives' pockets, trillions of dollars

During the last 4 years of the Clinton Presidency, we had budgetary surpluses and we were paying off the national debt. Then George W. Bush and the Republicans came into office. They gave tax cuts to the rich and to corporations, causing surpluses to turn into deficits. That wasn't good enough to satisfy their greed, however, so Trump and the Republican gave them even bigger tax cuts in 2017. Their tax rates are now so low, it's ridiculous. In each of those three years of Republican tax cuts, they used Orwellian names like "Jobs Act" which proved totally false. Read more in this:

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