GA bill would make it a crime to give water to voters waiting on long lines

Date: Mar 7, 2021, 8:23 PM

Author: Chris Walker of Truthout

Tags: voter suppression, evil Republicans, criminalize giving water to voters on line

Evil Republicans in Georgia, who still control the legislature and governor, are so outraged and incensed by the fact that the Democrats won the Presidential race and both US Senatorial races recently, that they will stoop as low as they can to prevent that from ever happening again. They support the most restrictive voter suppression measures since right after the Civil War, when the goal was to prevent the newly freed slaves from ever being able to vote-----a goal which was achieved for the next hundred years. Among those voters suppression measures is a provision that would make it a crime to give someone water or food while that person is on a long line waiting to vote. Read about it in this short article:

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